Firing on all cylinders

01 Apr 2008

As the clock counts down to The Highland Fling 2008 – The browser and beyond, things are heating up at my end. Bags have arrived, some nice books have been delivered curtosy of Friends of Ed and Sitepoint and everything else is in the pipeline.

I’m getting really excited, last year was a blast and the topic this year is going to be an excellent discussion point. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on the day and getting to meet some new folks and catching up with others I haven’t seen for a while.

As some of you might notice, this place has had a bit of a rennovation recently, I had a little bit of a hosting accident, I was sorry to hear that the company that had been so kind as to host my site for over a year went bottom up. The end result was that I had an SQL dump and no imagery so had to think on my feet and come up with something new… and quick!

18hrs later and I have new site and design up and running but I know it is still a little rough around the edges so please bare with me as I work out the kinks. I certainly welcome any feedback on the new design.

So what lies next? Buckle up and go for a rollercoaster ride again…

Will post again as soon as I have some time!


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